Tecnologia e Ricerca Italiana (Italian technology and research) is an innovative start-up that develops and produces revolutionary nano-composite materials for the construction industry.

TRI merges the 30-years experience of Delta Phoenix srl into industrial research and experimental development, with the construction renewal and seismic reinforcement skills of Studio AIRCON, evolving them towards valorization and internationalization.

TRI is an Italian team made by researchers and entrepreneurs specialized in design and realization of materials for the construction industry.

TRI pursues excellence, in order to create safe and healthy environments and allow people to live in harmony with their surrounding.

  • Loving your job is a privilege for the few. We are extremely privileged: not only we love our job, but we also have the pleasure to share it with our partners–Stefano Sacrato, CEO TRI

  • Boundary conditions are often what makes the difference. For example, I have never loved gambling for its unpredictability and unavoidability. Nevertheless I have found those same characteristics in applied research and in all the ways/doors it constantly opens for us researchers, which turns the effort for the result into such an exciting path–Stefano Sacrato, CEO TRI

  • Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises–Demosthenes